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Bill was rushed to the floor2012-08-02 10:08:31royblunt

There are two things we know about our nation’s cybersecurity: There will be an attack, and Congress will pass a bill. Whether we pass legislation to strengthen our cyber-defenses before an attack takes place, or whether we wait to pass something in response to an incident, is the question facing Congress today. I believe preemptively addressing our cyber vulnerabilities – which impact every sector of our economy and critical infrastructure – is very important. That’s why I have participated in a number of ongoing meetings and discussions with my colleagues in both parties over the past year in an effort to address this issue. Unfortunately, this bill was rushed to the floor. Members from both sides of the aisle should have the chance to amend and improve this legislation, and we need to work together to produce the best bill possible. I hope the Majority Leader will provide a path to do that as soon as possible. [Senator Blunt (R-MO) is a member of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.]