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This is Yossi Beilin2006-07-11 19:49:57mambo

DR. YOSSI BEILIN Yossi Beilin is currently a member of Knesset and chairman of the Meretz-Yachad party. He won the chairmanship of the party on March 2004 following the merger of his own movement Shahar with the Meretz party. Meretz-Yachad has five seats in the current Knesset. Dr. Beilin’s lengthy career of public service, beginning in 1984 with his appointment as Cabinet Secretary, makes him one of the most experienced politicians in Israel. A member of Knesset for eleven years, Dr. Beilin has held ministerial positions in the governments of Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak. In these various roles—which have included Deputy Foreign Minister, Deputy Finance Minister, Minister of Economy and Planning, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, and Minister of Justice—Dr. Beilin has proven himself a unique type of politician.