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Negative campaign2006-07-11 11:56:38paulbrow

It is unfortunate to see that Mr.Loudon has apparently chosen to take his primary campaign in a negative direction. The Jackson Campaign stands behind its statements and the facts that the Missouri Right to Life Orginization has indeed endorsed our candidacy for State Auditor and the National Federation of Independent Business is showing its support by recognizing Jackson's 100 percent record for his positive voting record over the past two years.

Jackson's endorsements are misleading2006-07-11 11:16:39krista-b

Our campaign has received various questions in reaction to an article published online in several sources, including the Joplin Independent. Representative Jack Jackson's campaign is described as claiming the endorsment of both Missouri Right to Life and the Nation Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). These accounts are misleading to readers who know Senator Loudon's record. Senator Loudon also has recieved [sic] the endorsment of Missouri Right to Life and the NFIB has endorsed no one. We are very proud to have the recognition of both Missouri Right to Life and the NFIB. Any statements implying exclusive endorsements or any specific support from MRL the NFIB, or any of the other major business organizations does a disservice to these groups who are very judicious about their political activities. After all, these organizations are well-aware that the very existence of a small business committee in the Legislature began with Senator Loudon who chairs that committee and is also the author of SB1, the workers' compensation reform bill.--Gary McElyea, Loudon campaign director