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Podunk cozy2006-11-21 13:13:51mariwinn

You wouldn't believe the mob that was standing on the street in Miamaa...what a crush...although everyone was so Midwest polite....we pushed through a tight net to get beyond the stage to a door leading to the Coleman Theatre. We sat on the balcony and while admiring the chandelier that is quite a focal point in the theatre, we listened to the concert thanks to the soundman that was controlling the volume of the outside performance from the Coleman's stage. We could hear them putting the finishing touches to the music video...i.e. the crowd's roar when the name Podunk was associated with Miamaa. I assume that the crowd outside may have kept each other warm but we were delightfully cozy inside.

Glad to See Podunk (Miami) on the map2006-11-16 13:06:20dmcghee

Hi to your Mom, Janice, you certainly have a nice looking, go-getter of a sisters & I went to school with her & have moved away long since....Steve Owens, Heisman Trophy Winner in '60s was last one Miami had I think since Mickey we're back on the map again....we're all very proud of you & love your songs. (the Walker sisters)