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Bank of Illegal Aliens2007-02-25 22:19:15cheshire

Bank of UnAmerica is done for. I will never do business with them. You should check out this anti-illegal immigration site Chesh

B of A2007-02-20 04:38:08fairlane

I sent letter to Pres of B of A, with parts of my scizzored visa card taped on it, showing words "gold card" and "visa"; telling him what I thought of aiding and abetting illegal aliens and encouraging illegal entry, masking a lessened security and possibly creating a terrorist foothold. It's deplorable. My letter stated how many of B of A accts I was closing, in particular. Yes, it's a lot of work but no one seems to be held accountable anymore for their actions and that's not okay with me. Watch out! What happens in California can spread throughout U.S. Citizens and legal immigrants are involved in this anyway - your action just defines your thoughts, position on the insanity and greed.

B of A2007-02-19 18:45:58danny1

This is The United States of America, I work in banking and my husband has been in credit, this is the most asinine idea of business that I have ever heard of. Bank of America is putting money ahead of this country. You should change your bank name while you are at it.