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Credit to illegals. 2007-02-20 09:29:22klv42475

I am so sick and tired of this problem with all the ILLEGALS in this country. Now a so called reputable bank wants to add to this enormous problem? I have no problem with anyone coming into this country legally. My ancestors had to have a sponsor and wait in line at Ellis Island for days, weeks & months just to come into this country. Now there a hundredes of people coming into this country ILLEGALY. Bank of America wants to add to this problem. I am just shocked & disgusted over this. I will never have an account with this bank, I will never apply for a loan, credit card, or anything else with this bank or it's affilliates. I have had it with all the companies that contribute to this horrible growing problem. This needs to stop. I know so many people with accounts at Bank of America, but now that they have decided to move forward with this, I know that they will be cancelling their account with B of A. In my opinion, this is an embarassment to this country. These illegals have no rights until they become citizens. This is just another EXCUSE for them to come over to this country and embark on all the rights and privledges that, I, myself a white female, a citizen of this country. This is my country and not theirs. It is harder for citizens of this great country to obtain credit. Now they are just going to be giving it away to those who have been here, ILLEGALY for 5 minutes and we have to be ok with this. This is just ridiculous, and completely infair. This needs to stop. If not then I need to question the integrity of this country. PLEASE DO NTO LET THIS HAPPEN. We, as a country, have worked to hard to bring this country to where it is at. Now it is all going to fall apart if this is allowed.