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In defense of the city workers2007-05-01 22:42:58piperman

To the readers of the JI: I would like to tell you something about our city workers. I saw an item about leaf pick up and a home owner. You know I looked at the picture that was put on the web site and I find it hard to belive that the leaves could stay there for over a year and not blow away. You know most leaves would have been gone by now or turned into mud with all the snow and rain and wind. Now I think that leaf pick up is very good. What would we do if we did not have leaf pick up, what would we do with all the leafs in our yards? I think we should give the city workers the credit that they deserve. I think they do good work.They keep the parks looking nice for people to enjoy. They upkeep the pools. I myself like going to the little park behind the jolb and reading a good book. The city workers try to keep up on the streets with all the cars on the road. It must be hard for them to do so with all the cars driving on them all the time but they do their best. The city workers do everything from mowinto sewers to trimming trees to a number of things. I think that we should not knock the city workers. I think they all do a good job. Thank you, piperman

More guards, not more rakers2007-03-27 19:21:05mariwinn

Actually, the new tax effective April 1 is a safety tax. It was decided by the voters that more men were needed to guard the men raking the leaves. ;-))

More men2007-03-27 19:19:16sltimme

Your tax dollars at work. I heard they need more men to handle leaves so the city will be increasing your taxes starting April 1. :-)