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"Nation of Immigrants"2007-04-04 13:55:25jakfak

Frank is spewing the same ole tired argument about the U.S. being a "nation of immigrants". So he must feel we should allow in any of the world's 6 billion people who want to come here -- just open the flood gates and destroy our environment and quality of life. And he thinks the economy is strong....he must not notice the price of gas going up 50 cents and rising in just the last few weeks, along with the cost of groceries, health care. And the fact that millions of Americans have had their jobs outsourced and have been unable to find jobs paying what they were making before, if they were able to find jobs at all while the illegal aliens have been flooding the labor market with their cheap wages. Franks needs to educate himself.

Frank k2007-04-04 02:46:19fbkesa

It is interesting to see these lunatics protesting for and against immigration, this battle is not going to end any time soon because America is made of Immigrants and as long as the economy is strong, people from all over will still be comming in !