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US is overdue for new political party2007-05-29 22:14:27a-lopez

Cindy Sheehan, Your letter to Congress is right-on!! I applaud you for telling the truth! And yes, we do need entirely NEW leadership in this country. Many blessings in this endeavor, Dr. Ann Lopez, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, UC Santa Cruz

No big shock here.2007-05-27 10:55:33experi

Just as George Bush was transparent in the run-up to the Iraq war, and was obviously spoiling for a war, the Democrats have been complicit all along. Without their complete cooperation, the war never would have occurred in the first place. Such delusion to believe that they would bring about a change shocks me far more than their actions. People who do not believe in the war have no one to represent them and no one of either party to vote for who shares their morality. That has been clear for some time. The big commotion over election stealing just means one set of criminals steals the election from another set. So what? What is there to do? We have as much choice as the people in Iraq pre- or post- Sadaam. We are to be acted upon, not to act. Give up.