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Ron Paul2007-05-29 11:55:13eleg

It's time people stop ignoring Ron Paul. Usually I will not vote for any incumbent. I feel that they contributed to the mess this country is in. However, Ron Paul says what he means and means what he says. His record proves it. Only 2 republicans in the House that voted NO to the Blood Bill. And Ron Paul was one of them. He's the only presidential candidate who shows more guts than ALL the democrats running as well as the RINOs he's up against. If Americans really cared about protecting their rights, cared about our troops, ending this pretence of a war, and the wrong direction this country is heading, they'd recognize Ron Paul as being the best man. Ron Paul 2008 NYC Blog -

Ron Paul2007-05-27 20:43:05rmcnnlly

Only Ron Paul has consistently voted NO, to the war and it's funding. You need to discover who he is. Ron Paul is a true maverick and is seeking the Republican nomination. If you want to save our American Freedoms and you are tired of the same old crap out of Washington ..check him out!!