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Sheehan's letter is authentic2007-06-10 15:39:00ddavison

The letter mentioned was written by Ms. Sheehan, and we obtained it through her personal contact who is a member of Peace Network of the Ozarks. As information, the same letter also appeared out on a number of blogs that attributed the letter to Ms. Sheehan, but I didn't bother to keep any of the links. We are happy to know there are a growing number of interested parties in the peace effort, and we would encourage them to increase their knowledge as high as they can and beware of the right wing propaganda that smears an individual as a tactic for what they are unable to approach with logical argument. Millions of Americans have caught on to the same old tired tactics of fear and smear, and that wave is now rolling all across America with understanding of what has happened to our country in its national crisis of leadership.

Sheehan's message questioned2007-06-10 15:31:29rpcolli

Concerning "Cindy Sheehan's Memorial Day message," I would like some clarification as to whether Cindy Sheehan actually wrote the "open letter" or Mr. Davison wrote it in her name. If the latter (as I suspect), then an immediate clarification might be a good idea. It's being sent out in emails.--Rob Collins, Auburn University