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Sorry, but this is completely inaccurate2005-01-02 02:28:53wtfisu

Journet suggests that a national sales tax would overtax the poor and unfairly burden them, and yet the picture he paints doesn't even partly resemble the plan he purports to criticize. The plan in question would completely untax the people Journet says he champions... and yet he opposes it? This is really a shame, because the way he champions the poor seems well-intentioned enough... unfortunately, his approach to the problem (that is, blind, uninformed, reflexive complaint) serves nobody who is interested in actually knowing anything about the subject. has accurate information about the national sales tax that's actually under consideration. If accurate information is what you're after, go there to be informed- it is a non-partisan initiative (the republicans didn't just spin this plan out of nothing, Americans for Fair Taxation have been pitching this plan for a while now) that's been working on the issue of tax reform for a decade, and it presents coherent, well-informed, and well-researched arguments to support it. If you're concerned about tax policy, you'd be well-served to go to the FairTax site to find out what we're actually talking about- it really is nothing like what Journet seems to suggest.