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We encourage debate2004-12-29 18:24:08mariwinn

jiml, we hope that you are not suggesting we censor anybody's opinion unless we believe that it is in poor taste. Everyone seems to be suggesting that Journet didn't do his homework but nobody seems to be detailing the ramifications of establishing the FairTax. Is it possible that some folks may be missing Journet's main points? Europe has a value added tax (VAT) on goods that makes the price of many items quite unaffordable for the average wage earner. What Journet seems to be saying is that the rich through favorably taxed investment income that the poor don't have would be able to afford those items and that a bigger gap would be created between the haves and the have-nots. Might the idea stimulate a black market or further encourage bartering that already is common practice in many backwoods areas? How inflationary is the idea? What method of taxation would states use? Who has any opinions?

No substantiation for claims2004-12-29 17:56:23jiml

Concerning the commentary by Alan Journet, I am surprized that you would allow this to go out to the public. Mr. Alan Journet obviously has done no research at all to substantiate his claims.