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Your first stop2006-12-25 15:28:48mambo

I would tell you that no one is ever too old to learn. One of your first stops should be the following site: This site was set up by the producer of the Gore movie.

Ignorant but not dumb to fact2006-12-24 23:07:28orion

Hello, My name is Jamie. I am not to book smart on certain things. I have never been to college and I barely made it through High School. But I believe there are two kinds of smarts in the world. I have just finished watching "An Inconveniant Truth" by Al gore. I don't think any documentary has ever moved me as much as this one. I was almost in tears a couple of times. I feel as if my consciousness is taking a massive shift. I feel that this could possible be why I was put on this earth. To help spread the message of knowledge about global warming. I know that sounds like a pretty bold comment to make but it's the truth. It truely saddens me when I think of things that could come in my time or my children or grand childrens time. I don't want to take up to much space with this comment but please understand that I need to learn more on this subject and to see what it is that I can do to help. Please contact me via email or phone if need be. Send me websites, links, anything that you would feel a person without college education could handle. People have told me before that they think my heart is bigger than my head and now I think I believe them. I will be anxious to hear your feedback about this comment. Thank you very much for you time in reading this. Sincerely, Jamie Talley