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Cold-hearted Aaron2003-02-22 13:42:33jan

You proved yourself to be a cold-hearted egotist Thursday night. You just have no sensitivity at all do you? Shame on you.

Aaron- Cold Hearted2003-02-22 13:33:04jan

Aaron, how could you be so thoughtless and insensitive to a woman you once loved? You are pathetic.

Aaron Buerge2003-02-22 11:57:36fan2002

Aaron is so shallow and the new arm candy he is running with is just like him. I don't expect her to be around much longer though. I bet as soon as she start looking for committment she is history just like Valerie, Julie and now Helene. Better yetwhen he does not get any more publicity she will dump him.Updated: 2003-02-22 11:59:19
Updated: 2003-02-22 11:59:48

No longer impressed2003-02-21 23:54:02pmatz

I thought Aaron was pretty cool during the Bachelor series, but my opinion of him has changed since his treatment of Helene. I thought they were a darling couple. How wrong we all were! I don't think he wants a wife, just a challenge,,, then on to the next one. I'm not at all impressed with him.

Helene the beautiful2003-02-21 09:12:14mariwinn

Good observation, Annie, and you probably are a true romantic. My thinking is that the whole show is scripted. (Consider Trista's final choice of Ryan over Charlie.) Aaron has a very aggressive agent. He's gotten him gigs all over the country. That became the point of the whole deal, not sustaining a loving relationship. I heard Aaron call attention to Helene's physical appearance at least 3 times during the program. Is that all he saw in her, and is that attribute something that sustains a marriage?

Aaron's ego2003-02-21 08:55:30annie

I have worked in the field of education and psychology for many years. I feel Aaron demonstrated a lack of feeling and compassion on the abc program that aired last evening. You could tell he wanted out of the relationship and it is doubtful he ever had any feeling for Helene. He is caught up in the celebrity world and thinks only of himself. I really wonder what girl would want him with his attitude.