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Aaron and the bunny2003-03-28 15:32:20suzyxyz

For a guy that insists his is casually dating several woman that bunny sure hangs out in town enough. What kind of woman stays with a guy that won't admit publicly that they are in a relationship!

Playboy twit.2003-02-22 18:29:48elena

I wonder what her "degree" is in? He likes, cough cough, educated women. yeah. right. sure. if you say so. Yes, I'm sure this woman would make a truly WONDERFUL mother to your parents' grandchildren, a welcome addition to the Springfield ladies auxilliary, a truly classy small town banker's wife!

Aaron and the bunny2003-02-22 11:38:30fan2002

Another article have Aaron and the bunny meeting sometime in mid December BEFORE he broke it off with the gorgeous Helene. Hey wasn't he the guy that said intelligence is sexy. I saw her too and she is neither.

She's a Cyber Girl2003-02-21 22:17:43mariwinn

I thought you were joking until I saw this in a News-Leader article: "For Buerge, the breakup and Thursday’s special have stirred a new spate of publicity, including attention on his relationship with model Audra Lynn, one of’s Cyber Girls. Contrary to some reports, Buerge says he met Lynn in Rochester, Minn., almost a month after he and Eksterowicz broke up. Lynn approached him during a promotional appearance, then invited him to visit Chicago where she was appearing as a model. She also visited Buerge in Springfield last weekend."
Updated: 2003-02-21 10:21:01

Aaron's playboy model 2003-02-21 22:11:10blank

I work at the airport in Springfield, MO and I saw Aaron with his new girlfriend Monday night. She is a playboy bunny, and not a very pretty one!
Updated: 2003-02-21 10:14:39