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Bravo!2003-02-22 18:25:30elena

Very astute observation, fan!

Aaron Buerge2003-02-22 11:48:13fan2002

Why anyone would want to patronize his establishment is beyond me. He is a user. He used the show and this strung Helene on to promote himself and his business interests. Bu going to his autograph gigs, dinning at the restaurant or visiting that local bank is just feeding this over large ego. I say we just don't go let him wallow in his rapidly fading fame. I read this else where and it mirrors my thoughts on this very cold man: I don't have much to say anymore about Helene and Aaron, We all know now that they have broken up, so we cannot continue to analyze this too much more. I just want to say that I personally saw something in that interview with Aaron that bothered me much more than the constant fidgeting, the double talk, the repetitiveness of those phrases he has used since we saw him on the show, and the trite declaration of her beauty (which is such a superficial and inappropriate remark to make at a time such as a breakup) - there was NO kindness in his eyes, which reflects his soul. I noticed that even in the Bachelorette reunion show. If you have taped that show, go back to the part where Christi is telling him that what he said about her was not very nice. He was totally unkind and impatient with having to answer her. This lack of empathy is very disturbing to me. Many were fooled by his seemingly "appropriate manners" and "good upbringing", etc. etc. To me, he lacks the most important quality that we as humans need to love each other and mostly to UNDERSTAND each other - empathy. He did not look one bit upset that Helene was hurting. Cold Aaron, very cold - you should be ashamed of yoursel
Updated: 2003-02-22 11:53:14