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Both winners2003-04-25 07:06:39giuliagu

1) I think that neither Aaron nor Helene are victims. None of them is entirely good or completely wicked. Aaron got a chance to be in the spotlights and to become (in)famous, and received a lot of publicity (sometimes bad, but nevertheless...) for his business. Helene became famous, too, and was given a $34,000 diamond ring in exchange for gracefully accepting to be dumped immediately after the show. Not a bad deal... no wonder he is a businessman! ;) I am not suggetsing that this was a conscious deal, but the way things turned out undoubtedly favours both participants. 2) I come from Italy, where Aaron studied for a year. I study Law in the same city where his old campus is located. I did not meet him or anything, but I always meet a lot of wealthy American exchange students. I think that, in general, they are very motivated young men, and full of energy too. They are full of life, passions, hopes and dreams that will probably come true. Someone who is 28 and has the whole world at his feet is not ready to get married and settle down - and especially not with a school psychologist from the East Coast, I am sorry to say that. Too different backgrounds. The opposite, I should say. Maybe one day, when he will be in his 30's or 40's, he will settle down with some well educated professional from the Sprnigfield area, like a doctor or a lawyer from a good family. Her family will probably be wealthy and well established, too. This is how I realistically imagine his future. In the meantime, I foresee that he will have a rich and wild dating life, and that he will make his share of foolish (yet pleasant for him, I suppose) mistakes, such as dating a Playboy Bunny and numerous starlets and attractive fans. In conclusion, I think that Aaron is too young, too boyish, too curious and too eager to explore life to settle down - with anyone. 3) As of Helene, she is a more conventional and traditionally "mature" type. She comes from your typical middle-class and rather educated but modest family. While Aaron is brilliant and daring, Helene is diligent and committed. I think that Aaron dream life would have been too reckless for her, and that her lifestyle would have somewhat held Aaron back. She should find a calmer, more selfless and generous man - someone who is interested in your ordinary middle-class family life. I am not puttting down the "ordinary middle-class family life", as it is my whole world. I am just saying that Aaron and Helene belong to two entirely different and separate worlds. Nevertheless, they have both benefitted immensely from appearing on the show. So, they are both winners, in my humble opinion! Best regards, Julia Guidi-Martin