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Indirectly related to Aaron2003-02-01 17:51:04jellyann

I live about an hour away from Springfield, Mo. and since Aaron's cousin is my banker, I enjoyed the show a lot and wanted to stay informed what was going on with Aaron and Helene. My husband & I both felt Helene would never consider moving to Springfield and did not think she realized the strong ties of a family business. It seemed like she could not understand how someone could be happy living in the midwest even though they are very wealthy! I thought the old "psych major" game came out in Helene and she worked for what she wanted until she got Aaron won over and then it was basically over for her. Just a mind game and challenge for Helene. I wonder if she will ever let herself realize what a wonderful life she could of had. Too bad - maybe Aaron and Gwen will try to rekindle their friendship and over time find happiness. Aaron has been so giving of his time to raise money for many wonderful causes during the holiday season. He seems to be a very geniune person, who cares for all those around him.