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am i still IN for this topic?2004-09-06 10:35:04rabidp

hi all! hahaha... i've seen The Bachelor episodes only now that it is being shown for the second time around here in my country... right now, it's on with the telecast of the 2nd Bachelor Aaron... shocks! i just love him! whaatta! i know i know i'm way far behind the fuss... but still i would like to say that he is a cuttie... :P upon reading all the articles posted so then i knew that he will be choosing Helene but eventually the couple will not end up in marriage... well what can i say but i hope at this time, they are both happy with their lives... :)

Want to contact Aaron?2004-08-01 21:01:40kelsey

Aaron is single but that is really all he has going for him. Take it from someone who has to see him all the time around her place of work (not at Trolley's or the bank) he is arrogant, not very tall, not attractive, has zero personality, and will eventually be seriously decked (and possibly further deformed) by some guy. My friend is dating a guy whose last girlfriend left him for Aaron Buerge it lasted about a week. If you are interested in being used you may want to still contact him otherwise trust me you can and will do much better in your own town.

a2004-05-12 17:33:31kcfox

Aaron is very single. I am sure if you came to see him at Trolley's he would make time to meet any of you. From one of his friends
Updated: 2004-05-12 04:35:42

Making contact with Aaron2004-01-21 12:19:31ashley

It's just at Don't hold your breath for a response, but do let us know if you are able to contact him.

Where is trolley's website?2004-01-21 12:16:15looking

No I have not tried leaving a message in the form of trolley's website. What is the web site? It has been a year and a half since my last serious relationship. Not really anyone around here, that I am interested in.

No local guys catch your eye?2004-01-21 12:12:48ashley

Aaron, we understand, has pursued lots of local ladies and left them high and dry. It seems as if he really isn't interested in a serious relationship but, perhaps, a way to further his career. So, no decent guys to meet where you are at? Have you tried leaving a message in the form on the Trolley's website?

I'd love to meet Aaron2004-01-21 12:09:43looking

I was wondering if he was still single. What is he looking for in a lady? I would love to have the chance to tell you more about myself. I would love to have the chance to meet Aaron. If that's possible.

Join the million others2004-01-21 11:56:14ashley

You are interested in meeting Aaron? and a million other "girls." Anything specific you want to ask him about? We haven't heard much locally to report from the Aaron camp. The last we heard he was trying to drum up money for the production of a film called, "Antlers," for which he would have one of the leading roles. I guess that we should follow up on that. We personally think he would make a provocative soap star. If you are near, you could have a "buerge" at Trolley's in Springfield. Aaron occasionally shows up at his restaurant.

Is Aaron still single?2004-01-21 11:51:30looking

Is Aaron Buerge still single? I saw him on the bachelor and I am interested in meeting him.