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I agree2003-02-23 22:08:58tazzer5

Yeah, I saw the same thing ,,and what about these dinner bids on e-bay? Such a waste of time, why don't they have bids for dinner with Helene or let her organize some fund raisers? I'm sure she would out do him 1000 to 1. She was part of the show wasn't she?

Fathers Image2003-02-23 16:24:39vamoosa

His father is very arrogant. Aaron just followed his footsteps. At least Helene wasn't married to him!!! Who would want to be???

Aaron the womanizer2003-02-22 09:47:42kimberly

Aaron needs to get over himself. How much longer is he going to remain in the spotlight? He is obviously a womanizer, and it doesn't say much for any woman who is still interested in him. Aaron, you don't know what love is.