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Regarding Aaron and link to Helene2003-04-16 14:38:55mariwinn

The Buerges are close-lipped. Aaron's Dad, being a banker, projects a very conservative image. However, the businessman that he is, he wouldn't be opposed to what Aaron might be doing to promote himself or his business interests. We noticed this blurb which refers to a commercial endeavor whereby singles meet and greet each other for 3 minutes apiece, then possibly decide whom they might want to get to know further. Aaron decided that the founders of HurryDate could bring the concept to Trolleys: "I'm thrilled to bring HurryDate to Trolleys," says Aaron. "Springfield singles will undoubtedly jump at the opportunity to meet so many people in such an unusual way - I'm really looking forward to being part of the whole thing! And who knows ... maybe I'll meet someone myself!" You're probably thinking right now that the girl had better have her eyes open. I don't think, what with the publicity Aaron brought upon himself, that too many girls would be naive enough to think that he was seriously considering settling down. Also, you might be interested in this link, presumably put up by Helene: Perhaps, somebody might ask her whether she at one time had said that she'd never live in Springfield, MO.

Show --a scripted sham?2003-04-16 14:12:55eileen

I would have loved to be able to believe that the Bachelor show was a scripted sham, and that no one was hurt in the process. However, this is not the case; Helene took the process very seriously, and she continued to ask for reassurances from Aaron to make sure his intentions were sincere and honest. Until an hour before he decided to end things, he was declaring his love for her. He was handed his ideal mate on a silver platter. On the show he seemed to salivate like Pavlov's dog at the mere sight of Helene. But, the baseless fame clearly affected him. One of the last comments he made to Helene was that he was getting many other offers from women. Perhaps, Aaron may have thought of The Bachelor as a joke and "an experience." Helene did not, she was planning a future with him until he was man enough to admit he could not move forward in the relationship. His current behavior of attending dance clubs, bars, tanning salons, playboy mansion, some under the pretense that they are fundraisers is ridiculous. He is no longer holding down a respectable job. He has now signed on as a model something he is too old for, and being the pathological liar that he is, even lies about his height. I was a U2 fan and still remain a staunch Helene supporter. I was wondering...does anyone know how his parents felt about the break-up? I'm sure the parents side with their son, but, what about his current behavior and activities? They seemed so conservative when they appeared on the show.
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