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Just my opinion on Aaron2003-02-23 11:30:09tazzer5

Being a male and not to interesting in the bachelor at first, it kinda grew on me and when the last show aired, I thought now this is really cool and romantic. I tried to keep up with things through the internet and did for a while. Aaron has probably gotten some wild offers and probabal dates set up and if you're engaged you can't oblige. So what to do?? From what I see he's got the spotlight for now with some very hard up women. He was just looking for an excuse any excuse to break it off with Helene. She would have never pleased the poor dumb fool no matter what she would have done. He saw himself in a committment and not knowing how to get out... so he finds the reason just any reason! I hope Helene never gives him another chance or never returns a call, He don't deserve to breath the same air in her presence, granted she wasn't my first pick of the show, but no woman needs to be lead on and treated like that. He's dirt and it's about time people figured that out. It just makes me so irrate no words can explain ......I'll leave it at that.