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White Smoke from the chancellor’s office2005-10-25 07:14:57beatrice

Now it looks like we’ll get a big coalition – the conservatives together with the socials. I asked myself what I expect from our new government and remembered what the last government promised seven years ago when they replaced that one before. They promised to halve the unemployment. We had about 4 Millions, now we have about 5 Millions. They promised to reduce the taxes. They did, but just for the enterprises. Private people pay more than they ever did before. They promised the pensions are secure. Now they force us to make a private extra insurance because without it none of us will have enough to live when we are retired. They promised to reform the health insurances. I thought a reform could be something good – how stupid I was! They promised to protect the nature and the environment. Now we have to pay a deposit when we buy drinks in cans. They promised to reduce subsidies. They did, but just for the people not for the enterprises. What I expect from our new government? Nothing good!

We voted2005-10-03 12:56:15beatrice

Here’s the result: The two big parties got around 35 percent of the votes. The three small parties got between seven and nine percent. They all declared to be winners. During the election campaign the Blacks (conservatives) wanted to form a coalition with the Yellows (liberals) and the Reds (socials) with the Greens. (It’s not necessary to use the right names because Christians are not Christian, the liberals are not liberal and the socials by god are not social.) None of the coalitions would have a majority so that they must find another solution. The very left avoid any coalition and no other party wants to work with them. (I don’t know why – must be such a special thing between old men!) So we can get a traffic light: the Reds, the Yellows and the Greens. But the Greens don’t want! We can also have a “Jamaica-coalition”: the Blacks, the Yellows and the Greens. I would enjoy that: Our politicians with dreadlocks in the parliament, smoking joints, Reggae music in the background … Yes, I would enjoy that – just because – if I think about the politics they made - I suspect, they are smoking the joints since years. But the Yellows don’t want. I’m so exciting what will happen!

Bye, bye Mr. Trittin!2005-09-04 12:48:27beatrice

Germany is in the final phase of election campaign. We vote on September 18th. The last seven years we had a government consisting of the social democratic party and the greens. Now it looks like we’ll have a change. It’s possible that we get a new government consisting of the conservatives and the liberals, but if they don’t have enough votes it could also be a coalition between the socials and the conservatives. In both cases the greens are out. Mr. Trittin probably thought he could save some votes for his party with his interview. It was made when the hurricane was over and before the flooding. But most of the Germans criticize, that it was absolutely the wrong time for such a statement. The government will change in two weeks and I am sure we can say: “Bye, bye Mr. Trittin!”