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Former sufferer offers advice2003-07-10 16:54:56joeman27

Hi, I suffered with panic and agoraphobia and was severely dibiliitated and housebound at times. After many struggles I realised that the pain of facing attacks required a motivation greater than the pain in order to deal with them. The therapists I saw would routinely state, "you're not going to die or go what's the problem?" The answer to that question led me to getting better and to the work I'm doing today. "Pain" is the missing one automatically says, "let me go feel pain," especially when the feared object isn't an attacker but a learned response to one's initial panic attack, or a "fear of the fear." I then started a support group with a slightly different paradigm: "no kick in the butt" and "no hoarding conversation." We'll establish problems in the first go round and then concentrate on solutions and strategies utilising group members as strategists, not "flawed" people. I found over the years that people with anxiety disorders practise what I call "phantom fire drills" over and, it stands to reason, they/we are better at them than most (just that it's really not worth going through them, is it?). I began to get feedback from doctors whose clients were getting an awful lot out of my philosophy and a nomenclature I invented to stay away from such cliches as "imagination management," healing "panicdotes" and "magical metaphors." For my RID method (recognise, interrupt and defuse your negative inner dialogue, etc.)...I was honoured with "the courage to comeback award" (first anxiety sufferer in Ontario to receive the recognition)....and suddenly I was doing peer counseling with a counselor here in Toronto...I guess we're not all made for medical school. I'm quite a lateral thinker which probably created and alleviated the problems I had when I was a child. It was difficult not fitting the an anxiety helped. If there is any way I can help your readership with my experience and my techniques, I'd be more than grateful to do so.

Life's a bitch2003-03-12 09:53:19carole

Wow, poor you! Do the meds alleviate some of your symptoms? Are you locked into your lifestyle, or are you able to change it in some way? I assume that your doc hasn't found anything physically wrong with you. That seems to be the case, at least with me. I'm having muscular aches and pains that are not quite as severe as you describe. I want to self-diagnose myself as having fibromyalgia. Suggestions for alleviating some of the symptoms that I found in a couple of self-help books at Barnes & Noble seem to be valid...but not a cure-all. Good luck working out your problem. My thoughts are with you.

Pins and Needles2003-03-10 20:10:02pitstop

Constant burning and pins and needles. Picture yourself freezing cold and then jumping in a hot tub, then picture crabs on your legs, actually inside and someone squeezing your face so tight. That is me. Anyone else have those symptoms. I have Gad and on anti-depressents. Is this my life for ever?

Sharing & Caring2003-03-08 10:08:19keri

I've been having the same symptoms that you described. Thanks for putting them in words. You have made me feel much better.
Updated: 2003-03-08 10:09:49