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Waiting for McDonald County's position2009-06-28 12:56:06dwayne

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe has been posting warnings on the creeks. Now Newton County Health has done the right thing and issued a alert for our creeks in the area. Bravo for taking the high road and doing the difficult thing in our political arena in Missouri. Now, what is the condition of McDonald County streams and how safe is it for the citizens to use them? McDonald County wants to stimulate growth by building four lane highways, having visitor centers and boost the economy. Are they willing to step up and protect the citizens that use the streams in large numbers during the summer for recreation and water supplies? Are they willing to take the high road and protect their watershed and their "economy" for something other than money? We need leadership that is willing to do the right thing and not "talk the walk" and tip toe around any obstacle that might be unpleasant.

Putting up a dam to hide the algae2009-06-23 23:05:49dwayne

Went on kayak trip Saturday afternoon on Indian Creek, McNatt to friends house, about a three mile float. Even though the temperature was very warm, close to 94 F, the creek was cool and we were shaded most of the float. Love that part of the float. Water was down fairly low considering the rain we have had. Water color was milky with visiblity down to, maybe, eight to ten inches instead of the usual four to five feet. Strange since it had been six days since last rain. Went through a fairly calm area and spied some evil stuff lurking on submerged tree limbs. Started watching a little more closely and spied some more, in fact, quite a bit more. Very unusual to see that in Indian Creek. What was it? --filamentous algae. Some strands were three to four feet long and eight inches wide at base. I hope no one tries to say it was from leaky septic tanks. I will not accept that. I would imagine we have a lot of chicken litter mixed in the right proportion of cattle manure and urine to make this wonderful bloom of nature's canary in the mine. Have fun; I probably will be staying out of the creeks this year. Not nice when you cannot see anything. Maybe, we need to clear some more forests and clear those nasty trees away from the creek's edge. Wake up people and save it while you can. Hey, let us put up a dam and cover it with deep water where we cannot see the algae.