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Thanks for the feedback, but...2005-05-20 08:45:15bourgoin

Three mountains are needed now to bury spent-fuel rods and nuclear weapons-processing waste. The bad news is that submarine hulls and cores of commercial nuclear reactors will necessitate a fourth mountain repository, but we can't even open one. It doesn't appear Yucca Mountain in Nevada will open, and I know of no state that wants a mountain repository, which leads to the conclusion that we have all these dangerous wastes and no place to safely isolate them from ourselves.

Why is this bad?2005-05-19 07:42:40jsong123

The article states "I suppose the DOE was emptying its Bad News file ... ". Why is this bad? the submarines served a vital puprpose, they helped to win the cold war, for example. The plan is to isolate the radioactive components from the public, a do-able project. Find something else to worry about.