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Nuclear industry lifer fights back 2005-06-22 11:38:34stupid

I have just read "Eternity metal" by Ron Bourgoin and I can only say one thing, I would hate for Mr. Bourgoin to ever do any work for me. I have spent a lifetime in the Nuclear Industry. I have seen the work of moving "cans" around the nuclear world. I have been into the Yucca Mountain, I have been into the salt mines of New Mexico (that's in the United States for those of you on the east coast) and seen the storage of nuclear waste and I can tell you that your imaginations are not accurate. And, I can tell you that you do not know anything whatsoever about what you have written. Good luck with your future make-believe stories.

Eternity metal2005-06-15 18:45:41moparman

I'm sure I and those who will be putting the containers in Yucca Mountain take a lot of offense at your comments. This is a critical job that could kill someone if not taken seriously. To state that these professionals will be bored and taking chances because they are bored after storing 100 containers speaks to a huge disrespect that you have for them. They are human, true, but to suggest such laziness is unconscionable on your part. I believe an apology is owed by you.