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about Dames ...2005-04-16 19:44:41radioman

I did learn a great deal from his course, especially about the Analytical Overlay, and how to discourage false data and creative interpretations - it has helped many ways in other psychic areas - will see the movie soon : btw I'm in The Ring Two :)) funny radioman

Ed Dames-is bogus2005-04-02 18:27:04dgray

Dames is so embittered that others have brought remote viewing (controlled, coordinate r.v.) to the forefront, and have remained their ethics and integrity. It's sad that the producers of Suspect Zero used this evil man to be their consultant, when the good ones like Buchanan, Paul Smith, David Morehouse are teaching others how to use this tool for the benefit of the world. Dames is a fraud.

Ed Dames2004-08-27 17:51:13gomunki

It interesting that you would link to Ed Dames propaganda - remote viewing's biggest idiot. While there is controversy with almost all of the remote viewers, none have spread as many lies as Ed Dames. He has continually made wacky predictions that have never come to pass. It was his 'remote viewing' that was behind the Heaven's Gate suicide cult. He is the CIA's designated person to discredit remote viewing to help discourage people from learning the vaulable skill. Why don't you link to some of the reputable articles on scientific sites -