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President wannabes, make nice to the media2004-02-10 19:14:18jono

I found Why the Media Turned on Gov. Dean to be very informative. The comparison of media coverage leading up to the Iowa caucuses and the results of those caucuses, with Dean receiving more negative coverage than his opponents and then doing poorly in the Iowa primary, points to a disturbing relationship between how the media covers political elections and the results of those elections. It clearly raises the question of who doing the wagging, the dog or the tail? Beware - all politicians who threaten big corporate media interests. The media snipers are out there, ready to assassinate your character. - Jon O'Neill San Francisco, CA

Keep the truth alive2004-02-02 17:09:02metta

Thank you for your excellent, insightful, informative and very important piece, "Why the media turned on Gov. Dean." Keep on showing the way, please!

How much and from whom is a major factor2004-02-01 21:59:42paul-m

Thank you for printing "Why the media turned on Gov. Dean" in your commentary section. Very few editors allow their media to serve as forums for seriously discussing the issues that will shape our lives for years to come. Your paper lives up to the reputation of the “show me state.” The author is curious to know why the press “suddenly anointed Kerry as their Golden Boy.” I do not know for sure, but the root reason may be found in the present argument over special interest. A recent update by Open regarding campaign contributions shows that Senator John Kerry has received campaign contributions of $17,225, 964. A breakdown of these contributions shows he received $3,090,199 from lawyers and law firms, $1,048,075 from securities and investment concerns, along with $225,000 from lobbyists. This total of $4,366,224 in special interest contributions represents 25.7% of Mr. Kerry’s total. Candidate Howard Dean is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He has received a total of $2,009,137 of his reported $25,324,869 from legal concerns, education interests, and securities & investment concerns. The report also shows that he has received $0 contributions from lobbyists. Dean’s special interests account for only 8% of his Presidential Campaign contributions. It may possible to infer that the attacks by the media on candidate Dean and the anointment of the junior senator from Massachusetts are different sides of the same coin. At a minimum, this type of serious discussion may spur voters to further explore the dynamics of money in politics and the effect of the media on those dynamics. [For a comparison of campaign contributions, go to]

Finally some Redemption2004-02-01 11:57:57sequoias

Oops! I am Juliette Thomas, of Geneva, IL. and author of 'Finally some Redemption'under this forum. This is the first time in my life that I have been prompted to write because of the passion stirring within and allowed myself to express through the candicacy of Howard Dean. If the people in this country will allow themselves to really listen to his message, you will realize - there is no facade - He is totally unadulterated and genuinely authentic! and the best candidate in qualifications and integrity that I have seen in my lifetime. Thank you, Howard Dean for giving the millions of people like myself - a voice in you......We are going to every state in this Union......YEAH!!!

Finally some' Redemption'2004-02-01 11:32:37sequoias

I am exceedingly grateful for the printing of the study by the 'Center for Media and Public Affairs' (CMPA)a non-partisan,nonprofit research organization in Wash. D.C. You, the Joplin Independent, deserve so much credit and I will forever hold you in high honor for your journalistic endeavors. This article exemplifies the meaning of a story, not only being newsworthy, but significantly exculpatory. Dean's idea to 're-regulate' the super-powerful business sectors - monopolistic utilites, mega-medias'and employee stock-option companies, and favoring broad protection of workers and the right to 'unionize' has hit the bottom of the great chasm in this land - The People vs. Greedy Corporations. These vultures are directly responsible for trying to cut-down Governor Howard Dean at the knees, chew him up, and regurgitate him with the negative versions that appear on the all-day-running and nightly news. The hatchet-throwing media is most certainly to blame for trying to derail his campaign, judging from what they would stand to lose, though the money behind it cannot all be credited to them alone. Their loosened grip on falsification would be our much appreciated gain. We, the people, deserve to be told the truth, in all arenas. I firmly believe that Governor Dean's campaign for President poses such a daring threat to those particular corporations in this country who's main objective is to continually and with no remorse,rape the American public. The people of this nation are strong, devoted, committed to excellence, exercise their integrity, possess good moral judgment,are prudent and fair-minded, and above all, share the common-sense idea that we should all be treated with dignity. Governor Howard Dean, since his revelations of 'cleaning house' - has been stomped on by the big shoes of Greed. The public has been puzzled to understand and questions 'What went wrong with the voters, the campaign?'. I will tell you what went wrong. Presidental candidate Dean stepped forward to pronounce his ideas for this country in order that we should advance as a society while adding friends and building bridges in the world community. Dean set the agenda with his forward motion over a year ago and continues to go forward despite the efforts of these conglomerates to impugn his reputation. They have not apologized enough for the harm that they have caused him. They should be made to expose their intentional lies to the public with as much gusto as the amount of times they played the unwarranted and contrived 'scream speech'. The only fault I would place on him is the fact that he has not made the topics of news media 'accountability' and 're-regulation' more prominent.I would grant him more boldness in this effort, not less. Acting as his surrogate, I will speak to everyone I encounter of the supreme arrogance of their manipulative organizations and work to expose their sensationalistic 'yellow journalism in the 'fourth branch of government.' In "The Politics of American Govenment" (Wayne/Mackenzie/O'Brien/Cole-1988)Ch. 9 - Politics and the News Media - states "Research has found that the media (including hard news, soft news, and advertising) affect voters' awareness and impressions of candidates more than they influence their political attitudes or cause them to change their opinions on major issues. The media do, however, elevate the importance of certain issues through the attention they devote to them. In this way, the media are able to influence the criteria that voters use to evaluate candidates and decide for whom to vote. The news media are usually more influential at the beginning of the electoral process, when people have relatively little knowledge about the candidates and their positions, than at the end. Especially in presidential elections, the disproportionate coverage given to the candidates in the first primaries and caucuses can be crucial to their success in winning the nomination. News media coverage affects voter turnout. By emphasizing certain issues and personal characteristics, the press sets the campaign agenda and frames discussion. By evaluating the candidates and their campaigns, by reporting public sentiment, and by forecasting the likely outcome, they may influence that outcome. Thus they become participant observers." To that I say, "Wake up America- we are being worked-on". The so-called news-mongers have already performed brain-transplant surgery to an unsuspecting public. Go Dean! to every state in the union, to exercise your right to reach your goal of becoming the President for 'Real Change'. Our country is desperate for change and you are our only true choice. You have the support of your devoted followers who know you are 'Rock-Solid' in your determination to provide this country with conservative fiscal responsibility and social progressiveness. We, the volunteers at the Dubuque,IA Headquarters were so right when on the day before the caucus sang in front of Senator Tom Harkin, and in tumultuous unison "Tell me what democracy looks like" and answered "This is what democracy looks like" - Howard Dean!

People power2004-02-01 09:13:50andrea

I live in VT and was shocked by the bias in mainstream media. I knew it existed in the political commentary talk shows, but the manipulation of air time and the choice of derogatory terms versus neutral terms versus praise by "news" reporters was extraordinary. I know the realities of living in VT... of balancing all you would like to have with the reality of what you have to live on. In watching C-SPAN and in reading on-line newspapers from around the country I have come to realize there are a lot of people in all the other states just like me. I researched the other candidates to make sure that I voted for the man most capable of leading the country out of mess we're in. I researched Congressional Records and lists of contributors and endorsers. Compared to ALL the other candidates Kerry's record is abysmal. I am 46 years old and I am tired of voting for the "Lesser of Two Evils". I am voting for the candidate I think is the best. For your sake and for mine I hope you do the same no matter who that person is.

media lynch mob2004-02-01 08:55:31mary

kerry has gotten a lot of big contributions from media sources. he also got a lot of free media dean bashing courtesy of begala & carville, et al.

Why the Media Turned on governor Dean2004-02-01 08:45:55drewn

I think c-jensen has hit the nail on the head. The media reporters are not all conservatives (yet) but the media owners are. The owners do not seem to believe that along with freedom of the press comes responsibility for fair and accurate reporting (AND COMMENTARY!) Governor Dean led the state of Vermont from a $60M deficit to a surplus, improved healthcare, and managed to make a few tax cuts during his 12-year tenure. He is the leader our country needs. The media seem determined to marginalize and belittle his campaign. I think you will continue to see more 'dammed if you do, dammed if you don't' reporting of Dr. Dean's campaign.