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Dean and the Media2004-02-06 17:02:34cali

It is a sad commentary, but what's worse, from what I've read, I don't think it's only the media. I believe if Gore wasn't on the outs with Bill Clinton I think we might be seeing a whole other race. I also think that Mr. McAuliffe has more to do with this than we know of. It's just sad when the media and the insiders pick our nominees, when this is supposed to be a democracy. People were brainwashed by the media when it came to Bush and as we know it's all falling apart at the seams, so what do we do, we make the same mistake twice. It looks like we didn't learn from our past mistake. While, Gov. Dean might not be right for the country, it should be the voters decision, not the media or the insiders. Fair reporting should be done, but is not. I was flawed seeing that a lot of the media were consulting with Senator Kerry and that's what disturbs me the most. Articles have also been published about the voting machines and the results when hand counted. This doesn't surprise me as we know Gore went through the same. I just find it sad that in the world we live in, these people have so much control over our lives and we don't realize it until it's too late. That's why I believe we need change. Here's an article and if it's correct, it might all backfire on McAuliffe.
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Dean and the Media2004-02-06 15:07:45jag766

I guess a sad commentary on the statistics related in the article is that "as the major media goes, so goes the public". Ironically, if Dean's comment about restructuring media ownership rules had the effect of acquiring their ire, then that in itself lends credence to his words - but also may cost him the nomination.
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