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Mexico!2004-02-24 09:06:50nuevomex

> Au contraire! I spent two months there this winter in my rv and it was fabulous! Those people worry about the RIGHT things.!

Why Mexico?2004-02-23 13:49:13mariwinn

nuevomex, I know that you are joking but at least insert a more stable area like "Costa Rica" in place of "Mexico." You don't want to be drawn and quartered by those roving bands invading Mexico from Honduras. At least there's still the assurance of safety from that around here, I think.....

Defeating the Empire2004-02-23 11:28:00nuevomex

I totally agree. I remember during our 200th yr celebration, I compared the US to Rome. And I remember hearing that no great civilization has lasted more than 200 years. But just how do you propose to turn around, or even slow down this ship of state? Voting would be the obvious answer, but witness the spectacle of the last Presidential vote. Didn't seem to matter who you voted for, Bush got elected. And unfortunately, there are many out there who BELIEVE everything the press, be it television, or print tells them. They don't tend to use the brain God gave them. And the candidates? Groomed to perfection. Advisors telling them what to say and what not to say. Get THOSE VOTES, WHATEVER it takes!! Very disheartening. I have gotten to the place where I am thinking of moving to Mexico!