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No Privacy for Enemies of the People?2011-12-03 10:44:33hga

I'm sure those "bigwigs" and their families will be happy to lose this privacy as soon as you sign up for a monitoring program that allows anyone on the network who wants to kidnap or rob you and yours where your cars are at all times.

Whose Privacy Interests?2011-12-02 13:58:42dmwieg

What a crock. The typical IFR pilot could care less if someone accessing FlightView (or some similar site) could see the the N number of their aircraft during one of their IFR flights because . . . let's get real . . . who the heck wou really care. The "privacy rights" whose interests the NBAA and other BizJet interests really sought to protect are were the bigwigs who were utilizing corporate aircraft to take their families and friends on junkets at their stockholders' expense. Now public interest groups like Pro Publica will find it more difficult to expose such Shennanigans.