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Aaron go away2003-04-04 17:29:13jjgirl

April 25: Aaron Buerge will be selling Sunshine certificates to raise community awareness about child abuse issues and to benefit the Children's Center of SW MO, 6:30-8:30 p.m., J-Town Billiards, 2502 S. Main, Joplin. Great cause but why him? He is an embarassment! He poses as this moral guy and yet parades this slut around as if she is acceptable. I certainly hope he leaves her at home when he comes to here! Not that I plan on attending this event because I just can not support anything he is associated with. Here is the latest article on his "serious" girlfriend. " decided to indulge the chart-topping groupie-loving goofballs from Ontario with a warm, sexy touch of Americana -- specifically, Playboy Cyber Girl Audra Lynn in the flesh, all punked-out, ready to drop her fishnets at their command. In the sweaty basement of Chicago's Riviera Theatre, a few hours in advance of their sold-out gig, Jocz joins with Sum 41's diminutive, spiky-haired lead singer Deryck Whibley, bassist Jay "Cone" McCaslin and guitarist Dave Baksh, to welcome Audra into their dressing room. After a friendly scuffle over the Playboy Nikon -- the very camera, in fact, that legendary photographer Richard Fegley used to shoot many of Playboy's Centerfolds -- the group decides to let McCaslin sharp-shoot first. The lanky bassist gets the camera rolling while Jocz keeps a running commentary, quizzing the towering blonde on her turn-ons. "Anal piercing," Audra jokes. When Audra is fully disrobed, it's Whibley's turn behind the lens. "I've never held a camera before, but I think I'm gonna be good at this," he says confidently. At this point, the guys don't seem to care that a naked model's in their dressing room. They just want her to lick something. Anything, really. A guitar, a banana, a massive bottle of Jack Daniel's and finally, a kitschy faux Viking shield off the wall. as Audra obliges, rolling her tongue down the metal. As the sexy session reaches its end, Audra, still nude, sits the band down and sprawls herself across their laps." Read more and watch the video at: ***warning: mature written content, nudity! :)