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Disappointed in the Buerge Boy2003-04-06 14:07:08katie

OK; I was Curious George last night and Curiosity killed the Cat. One of my friends gave me the website to the playboy to see the type of "person" Aaron would rather be seen with in public than a lady like Helene. I am disgusted and could not believe what I saw and what she said. Who I feel sorry for the most is his family this must be killing them. He is his grandmother's favourite, how she must feel and also heir to the family business. He is embarrASSing our nice town. Now he is starting up a HurryDating" on Apr 15/03 to hook up couples maybe for love and is putting himself in their too. He does not know what the word "love" means. I suppose then the so called "relationship" he has with the bunny is not serious at all and it is for one thing only. Hope he is practicing save S*X. I take back what I said before I do not wish Helene to never, ever,take this guy back. You know the movie Wayne's World with Mike Meyers and he says "I'm not worthing", I'm not worthing. That is what Aaron is.