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Lovely and Virtuous foot2003-03-27 13:50:56qspirit

I have never been one to really get into these reality TV show's because let's face it, they couldn't be further from reality, but I did watch a few episodes of The Bachelor II because of the local element. I think that some people have really got an odd view of Helene. While she may be a good person, it was obvious that she was playing a good game from the get go. There are two sides to this story and one cannot declare him a cad and her a victim simply because she shed a tear or two.

What price fame2003-02-27 23:45:20tvviewer

I think a difference exists between criticizing someone for objectively bad behavior and "judging" them to be a bad person. Besides, with fame you have to take the bitter with the sweet. If Aaron Buerge wants to judge small town beauty pageants as a paragon of masculine pride, he must also take the hit for his creepy and unchivalrous treatment of lovely Helene. I said in my previous space that I wish Aaron well. I believe, nonetheless, that his combination of wealth/ego/fame is a deceptively bad recipe for long term happiness.

Quit judging Aaron2003-02-26 20:56:49Blank

I don't think that people should be downgrading Aaron the way that they are. I dont think that he was trying to hurt HELENE. He probably just felt that they did not belong together any more. Besides, it's not nice to judge people.