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Oprah2003-03-28 15:02:15suzyxyz

I watch this show. All in all the show was on a Monday about 2 weeks ago and Aaron was just a small part of the whole. It had members from the cast of characters of The Bachelorette and the Bachelor. Helene was on video and she looked gorgeous. She did say that although she would have loved to have met Oprah she would not come because Aaron was going to be there. I say this girl still has some feelings she is dealing here with him. They showed pictures of Helene and Aaron. One, that looked like a picture of a very happy couple, with Helene sitting on Aaron’s lap both with big smiles and Aaron holding Helene's hand was said to be taken on the day before Aaron broke off the engagement on the way to the Airport. Aaron on the other hand looked very out of sorts. There were times where I thought the guy was kind of choked up and he looked real nervous. Not the suave guy he has presented in the past. He did say that he has tried to contact Helene and she won't return his calls. There was also a comment regarding the break-up where he starts to say I lost... and Oprah cut him off. I would have loved to hear him complete that statement! All in all I do live in Springfield and have seen him around and he looks tired. I think he has lost his pizzazz with the negative popular opinion of him and is not taking it well. The young thing he parades around town isn't helping him any. I know some locals that have their tongues wagging over the nudies on the net of her. Wasn't a wise move on his part. The funny thing is on Oprah and other interviews he claims he isn't dating. The too can't be helping his image. If he isn't dating her then maybe the bunny shouldn't be hanging around town so much. I was at a local watering hole and they were at the bar and I don't even think she is pretty and definitely not the brightest thing either. He didn't look ecstatic either. I just think this hasn't panned out as he had expected and is just plain down. My guess is he has regrets. Bet if given the opportunity he would do a lot of things differently. I really feel sorry for him. He does look kind of foolish now if you ask me. He should dump the blonde and fly solo for a while... Go back to work and give up the glitz. He was sooo much better off as the local hottie.
Updated: 2003-03-28 03:05:52

???2003-03-14 12:52:59belleann

When is/was Aaron going to be on the Oprah show? What is the structure of the shoe going to be like? Are they planning on talking about the same olf same old? Or is there something new and exciting for them to discuss?

Oprah Show2003-03-09 20:58:13Lindsey

Aaron: going on the Oprah Show is not going to repair your tarnished image. You have proved yourself to be a liar and nothing you do now can fix that. Better for you to crawl back in your hole than go on tv again. I will boycott any program that has you in it.