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Aaron opening mouth inserting foot2004-09-05 13:59:53angie

I was appalled to read Mr. Aaron Buerge exclaiming that Barbara Bush talked to him at a party in NY and asked him to go dancing afterward. He further said he would choose her to date and that she had "wild hair". But, in fact, could Aaron Buerge be referring instead to his wild imagination? That is the most likely scenerio in my opinion.
Updated: 2004-09-05 01:55:13

Aaron the politician?2004-08-01 20:30:49kelsey

Is it not a scary thought that Aaron Buerge keeps mentioning that he would like to run for political office? I thought first you had to do something with your life, have experiences, and successes before you try to have an influence on the lives of others. What are Aaron's experiences, contributions to society? Chasing every skirt in town does not count. I highly doubt he would be elected Springfield Dog Catcher, it is a relatively small town in a little goes a long way. Folks are sick of the Buerge boy but what if he were to hit some new small town? Any chance of this guy being elected to anything? What a scary thought!

Another message to Aaron2004-07-31 16:01:28confused

Aaron should consider the response of the youth who would choose him as a role model. I think with some fine tuning, Aaron could be exactly that. As a Father, I would not encourage my children to see him as a prospective Role Model. Sorry Aaron, you sort of screwed up.