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Department of Defense Authorization Bill for fisc2004-06-13 00:32:17chiefh

Rep. Roy Blunt never did support this Bill...He is the House Whip and that was the extent of his involvement with it! Mr. Blunt and the other republicans from Missouri for the most part have NOT and DO NOT support veteran issues...much less issues concerning disabled military retirees.....Check their records on their own websites! It's a fact! Please call or write your Congressmen, folks. Ask them to support HR.3474 and S.2065 which will restore their broken promises for free medical care and HR.303 & S.392 for retirement pay to those who stayed the course! Help us persuade our elected officials that we're still alive (for a while anyway), and that the promises made to us for making the military a career many years ago have been methodically disappearing. Then ask that our representatives stand behind us as we have stood behind this country. Through good times and bad the men and women of the military have shown that they are willing to die for this country and its policies. No veteran or military retiree ever dreamed that our government would deliberately cheat us out of what they promised us! Why is it that we have to fight so hard just to receive the benefits we were all promised when we supported and defended our nation, a nation that places human rights above all else. Nowhere in my enlistment contract did it mention that I would have to forgo some of my rights for defending the rights that all other Americans enjoy. At NO TIME did our government ever tell us that these promised benefits would ever be funded last--after all the foreign aid give away programs, pet pork such as an the indoor rain forest, and many other local state projects that recently were funded to the tune of about 19 billion dollars! If freedom means choice...then our government has taken away the military retirees' freedom! We were promised that if we served our country in the military service for at least 20 years our government would give us full, free, lifetime medical benefits and our retirement pay! Without any of us having a choice, both of these promised benefits have and are still being withheld! Folks, we have too many homesteading Senators and Representatives in our Congress....they have been there far too long and now think that they own our pot of tax dollars....and every year they give our tax dollars to their rich friends and large companies that donate millions of dollars to their own campaign they can stay in office.......Then, they tell the veterans and military retirees that there is not enough funds for our VA medical Care and Retirement! I am made to consider why our President and Congress, when planning a war, never figure in the aftermath of the war.....yet there has and will always be the lamed and maimed veterans and military retirees! CWO (Ret) Hollis Stanford Springfield, Missouri
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Larger annuities to be granted2004-05-21 09:17:12dan-w

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (MO) on May 20, 2004 celebrated passage of the Department of Defense Authorization Bill for fiscal year 2005, containing an historic provision designed to give survivors of servicemen and women larger annuities under the Survivor Benefit Plan. The provision included in the DoD Authorization Bill will eliminate the Social Security offset under the Survivor Benefit Plan and increase the annuities paid to survivors of military retirees who are 62 or older under a formula based on date of filing.