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Chuck the inspection process2007-02-21 11:34:31ma-earth

Neighboring Kansas has not had inspections for as long as I've lived in the area. There has been no indication that operating faulty vehicles has had any impact on the crash rate, or that lack of finding faulty exhaust systems otherwise caught by a proper inspection would be creating any more havoc with the environment than scores of factories (one in Joplin in particular comes to mind). You should be aware that in Joplin alone there are a couple of places at least that one can take a defective vechicle and get a safety inspection sticker for it, making the whole process a sham. I resent having to pay for the process when I keep my vehicle fine-tuned and others who don't manage to get the sticker anyway.

Enjoy the ride!2007-02-21 01:35:08mambo

"The Senate version, which is still in committee, also seeks to repeal the state safety inspection program." The article by cjackson talked at length about the benefits of wearing a seatbelt. After reading the statement above from the article and if it becomes law then vehicles in MO will no longer be checked for safety concerns. We will all obviously save money by not having to have that pesky and costly safety inspection to get the window sticker before we get our license plates. With no more safety inspections on our vehicles we will most definitely need to be wearing our seatbelts and I suggest mandatory crash helmets by all vehicle occupants as well. Most people have no idea what is going on under the hood of their vehicles and do not regularly check their brakes or steering components. With the state no longer checking these things either we are looking at a lot of fun on the road. We will become the "bumpercar state".