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Cheney and his gun2006-02-18 12:42:37mgrogg

A rumor is circulating based on an opinion post from Arianna Huffington that Cheney, the guy he shot, the divorced Texas ranch owner Katharine Armstrong and Pamela Pitzer Willeford (a big Republican contributor, of course paid off by being given the sought-after ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein post since October 2003) were all cozy together on the Armstrong Ranch at the time of the shooting. Huffington quotes CNN when she describes the remote 50,000 acre ranch as a "private getaway."But she further compares it to the "GOP equivalent of Tony Soprano's joint, the Bada Bing." Both places, she says, feature "quite a bit of gunplay." There's also plenty of booze and an opportunity to bag a few drugged quail--you know the kind you have to poke to get into the air--among other prizes.....

Fudd-Gate!2006-02-14 09:26:37mambo

And this is how Cheney treats his best friends. Even rich repub "lawyers" have no safe harbor. It's a reflex action to try to kill all the lawyers. The delay in getting the story out was obviously another plot by the "liberal media" so they could try to blame the White House for delaying the story. What will the "liberal media" try next? Have they no shame?