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Military Retireement2005-05-25 22:16:00htcchips

When I was approched in 1951 by a full Commander to enlist he said I would get full medical care for life if I stayed in 20 years. I stayed in well over 20 and during that time I was continually told I would get full medical for life by officers and enlisted men over me. As I advanced I told my men and trainees the same thing. Now we pay co-pays for medicines, $78.20 a month for Medicare which goes up to $89.15 a month in January. I recently wrote to Rumsfeld again about this. An assistant sec. of defense wrote me and said there isn't a law that says the government has to give us free medical for life or much else. This makes liars out of the officers and men appointed over me and all other military personnel including myself. I don't appreciate being made a liar by my government. I love my country but have doubts about my government, I would think and hope they are the liars.
Updated: 2005-05-26 08:28:24