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When Pigs Fly, Roy!2005-11-20 23:50:56

It's a manure bill, Dan, that's for sure! Roy Blunt can talk about being a friend of the small farmer all he wants, but his actions speak volumes, as usual. Roy is giving a wink and a nod to the factory farming industry to come into our area, set up shop and be worry-free from those pesky lawyers "who are trying to re-write scientific terms" in order to protect those who have no protection otherwise. Large producers - who raise cows, chickens and hogs as production units in huge confinement operations - love to set up where the population is scarse, or where state and county laws are favorable to operations so huge that manure run-off kills virtually everything it touches. They are literally polluting factories - not farms. But hey, it's big business and Roy has yet to meet a corporation that he doesn't love. (Never mind the over-use of antibiotics, which will eventually be rendered ineffective against many types of common bacteria and diseases.) If Roy's true intent was to protect the small farmer and their surrounding neighbors/constituents, he would be working to eliminate factory farming in favor of a sustainable food production system which is healthful, humane, economically viable and ecologically sound. Or at the very least, he could protect ONLY the small farmers from "toxic manure" charges and let the corporate "chips" fall where they may. But then, what kind of lobbying money would a small farmer be able to bestow upon him versus the money he could pocket from the large, corporate-farming community?