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Blunt & Manure & * * * *2005-11-20 13:34:54mambo

After reading about Rep. Roy Blunt's manure exemption bill I am not surprised. Blunt has made no bones about being mega-corporate donor friendly. Yes, manure in massive quantities, should be considered a toxic substance. This bill only gives cover to the mega animal factories while throwing out a red herring that it's just the little guy being hammered. In Europe today there are toxic cleanup actions at abandoned factory farms. Histoplasmosis and other airborne human contracted diseases are the reason to take unimaginable concentrations of animal waste seriously. As it stands today if a factory farm, CAFO, participates in an EPA Air Compliance Self-monitoring Program it is exempt from EPA Clean Air standards, exempt from CERCLA and exempt from the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act for two years beginning 2006. Blunt is just insuring that the mega-corporate factory farm operators are in the clear from now on. The future of clean air and clean water is further in jeapardy with Blunt's Manure(****) Bill.
Updated: 2005-11-20 02:14:05