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Two sides2005-05-25 09:36:47debi

I know time has passed on this article but while doing research on Larry recently, unfortunately of all the wonderful stories I've read about him, I come across these pathetic comments from an overly jealous husband. First, there are two sides to every story. No wonder Larry stopped paying child support if he was resticted to only see his children in public places (which being a celebrity is a pain in itself) and couldn't even take them for a drive. Child support issues are always two sided and if you have a revengeful spouse, it can be pure hell for the other. I'm not defending Larry, I don't know his side, I'm just saying I've heard many sad stories about ex's who use children as pawns to get more money. And as for tax evasions...oh please, if he had evaded taxes in the public eye like that, he would have caught. But even so, don't get me started on the so called television evangelists in this country who evade millions a year. I doubt he discussed his taxes with you or his're speculating. My mother kept me away from my dad from age 5 and lied the whole time saying he didn't want to see me. I can't help but think, there's more to this story and I'm glad Larry has the dignity not to comment on it. Get over it! PS...I have to say, Larry's character on Dr. Quinn was a MAJOR role and for you to say "what little fame he received from Dr. Quinn" obviously, you didn't watch the show very often. I couldn't have imaged the show without Cloud Dancing and he did it with grace and dignity for all Indians, everywhere.