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first born2010-10-14 16:58:49mtngurl

im glad you see your dad

Dear Erinb2007-10-13 14:27:39emmiet

I grew up with and went to school with your father. I also knew his parents and his brothers and sisters. I know your dad to be a good man. As adults, we all encounter problems in our lives. Some, we handle with great finesse; others, not so much. Life isn't easy. I'm sure that your father does the very best he can for his children, and sometimes that might mean not always being able to be there for them. I saw him last in Pawhuska in September 2002. I wish him well, and I wish you and your brothers and sisters great happiness in your relationship with your father. Remember that he's human and that he will ALWAYS be your dad!

first born2007-10-10 12:54:34erinb

I am his first born daughter!! Mr lucky new husband forgot to mention this in his list of facts about Larry Sellers!! I live in Oklahoma and see him regularly!!