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What is best for the children?2004-09-29 19:35:35jdallas

Dave - What are you thinking? Did it ever occur to you that Larry's children would get on the internet, do a search on their father, and see these awful things you have written about their father? How about behaving in a manner of doing what is best for the children, not you or Larry's ex-wife? How often do you encourage the children to reach out to their father? How often do you tell them good things about their father? Like it or not, he is their father, you and his ex-wife should encourge them to have a relationship with him, not post your angered and one-sided opinion on a website for the children to see. You are free to have your own opinion, however you need to put your "BIG EGO" aside and think about what kind of mental or emotional damage you are creating with these children by behaving in this manner. It makes me question the environment that they live in day to day! Do you conduct yourself in this manner all of the time? I feel sorry for the children. Kids, if you read this - please know that both of your parents are important to you in their own way. Each one has good qualities and not-so-good qualities as you'll find through life that we all do. I encourage you to reach out to a teacher, family friend or someone if you need help outside of your mom and step-dad.