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Back to reality2005-09-14 14:15:48beatrice

Megatrek, you should stop watching TV and come back to the reality. Are you really honouring a figure in a movie? He’s an actor; it’s his job to make you believe what’s written in the script. It has nothing to do with that living person with the gentle face and the unfriendly thoughts we could read in the article. Good to hear that you respect the Native American culture but you should respect those people as a living society with good and bad characters and with the real fight for the daily life like each of us.

Truth is multi-faceted2004-05-16 16:21:10mariwinn

dave, What you may have read may be just one man's opinion. Keep an open mind.

Loved Larry Sellers on Dr. Quinn2004-05-16 15:06:44megatrek

I looked up the man who played Cloud Dancing on Dr. Quinn, because he seemed so sincere in the series. I now we are told to believe only so much of what we here people say about others, but what you say about him as a father reads to sincerely for me not to find some belief in it. I am of European desent and have much respect for the Native Americans and love their spiritiality. I've watched a lot of shows on History Channel and Discovery Channel over the past ten years about the plight of the American Indians and their spirituality of the earth and feel a deep respect for them. I will never watch all the video tapes of Dr. Quinn (I have about 80 shows taped and view Cloud Dancing in the same light. I searched on the computer to find out more about him because he looks so sincere. Lecturing about the Native American is important, but nothing is more important than your children. He needs to take care of his children and show true good Native American Indian ways of a love of family and have the love in his heart that he does on Dr. Quinn, a man I admired so much, but will never see in the same light again.