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found some truth2010-10-14 17:28:57mtngurl

all this stuff about larry cant be true, as his daughter done said she does see him regularly well so does his son Jerry Wolfman Duff-Sellers....i think dave is just an angry new husband that thought he might get big child support money because his new wife has children by an actor could there be some truth in that? and if larrys visitations are supervised then by whom? how can he spiritually lead them if he has your people hoovering over him? and if you are truly concerned about the children knowing their culture and heritage why dont you take the time to show them the land of their ancestors take them to meet the elders? do you do this? i think larry if you see this know that i tnmtngurl is a fan...and to everyone else remember this dont judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins

what is truth2010-10-14 16:56:52mtngurl

i cant say what is true and what is not true,i would hope this is not true,i do know he is an actor and has the ability to fool us all,but i also know how some women can be during a divorce, i am a female and i believe in fairness, but not all do,maybe supervised visits hurts his man pride i don't know,maybe being around the new husband too see his kids is too much, maybe he feels that when his children are grown he will tell them the truth, but i do know this the more dave and his wife puts larry down the faster those kids will run to him when they are grown, larry if you read this i want you to know i am a fan but also keep your head up, and pray for your children and do what you can to fight in the courts if in fact your visitations are supervised good luck