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Government regulation is the cause of MOARK proble2005-07-07 06:10:54tammy

Why have the small producers gone out of business? Why does it seem that we have to purchase our food from mega producers? The reason is simple. The mega producers can afford to comply with over regulation. The small producer cannot. Does it make you feel safer to know that a state certified kitchen must have a bathroom, even if this kitchen is 200 feet from your home, which has several bathrooms. We know a family that lives in the country. They put up a small health food store. They baked bread, pies, etc.... to sell them, so they "needed" a state approved kitchen. They thought they had complied with all the regulations, but when the inspector came out, he told them they had to put a bathroom in the building. Does it make you feel safer now that a family had to spend several thousand more dollars to put in a bathroom, hook it up to the family septic system, when they could easily walk to their home to use the bathroom there? If you want to sell eggs to the public, off farm, You need an egg license. Once a year, an inspector shows up at your farm to "inspect" your eggs. He makes sure they are fresh by candling a few dozen. He makes sure they are being weighed properly by checking your several hundred dollar state approved scale and then he is gone for a year. Does this make you feel that the eggs you are eating are healthy and good for you? Do you care if each egg weights 2 oz.? Not me. I like eggs from free ranged chickens that are fed a healthy diet. Won't get that from MOARK and most people don't want to be bothered spending hundereds of dollars on approved equipment to sell smaller quantities of eggs to you. So, you get eggs from confined chickens that don't get any sunlight and don't get to eat a natural diet. We have no recourse against these big farms either. We can't sue them for ruining the environment or stinking up the countryside. As long as they comply with the regulations, the odor doesn't matter.